Electro Chemical Marking Systems and Marking Automation
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Marking Accessories, Electrolytes, Marking Stencils, Marking Felts, Marking Heads, Marking Cords, Neutrolytes, Manufacturer, Supplier, Aurangabad, India

MarkIndia Marking Systems is the well acknowledged Manufacturer and Supplier of Marking Accessories, which are designed by the experts in the most precise manner. We offer a wide range of Marking Accessories that is apt to meet the varied requirements of the clients in the most satisfactory manner. These Marking Accessories are known for their excellent performance and ability to perform in the hardcore industrial application without hindrance. As a result, clients are repeatedly asking for our Marking Accessories, which we are catering to their consistent demand.


  • Metal Marking Heads
  • Metal Marking Felts
  • Metal Marking Cord
  • Metal Marking Electrolyte
  • Metal Marking Neutralizer
  • Metal Marking Stencils
MarkIndia developed Electrolytes depending upon materials properties. It plays very important role in marking process.
The electrolyte or marking solution required depends upon the alloy of the materials to be marked or etched. There are general purpose electrolytes for most products. For specific applications, however, it is best to send samples of the part to be marked to the manufacturer for his recommendations. Selection of the proper electrolyte is very important.
It is available in different grades & different packing sizes.
  • Designed, depending upon materials properties
  • Essential for metal marking process
  • Provide necessary current
  • Electro Chemical Etching/ Marking Laser
Available For
  • Carbide
  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Brass Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Bronze
  • Harden material
Available In
  • Different packing sizes
  • Carton packing with thermoplastic
Marking Stencils
Marking Stencils
MarkIndia developed a Photographic Stencils. It plays very important role in marking process. It is used to mark a date code, serial number, batch number or any other company logo permanently on your component.
Each MarkIndia made Photographic Stencil can produces up to many thousands of Electromarks.
Used for following marking on components
  • Date code
  • Serial number
  • Batch number
  • Company logo
  • Produce up to many thousands of Electro-marks
  • Best for Metal Marking Application
  • Provide necessary current
  • Electro Chemical Etching/ Marking Laser
Availability : Varied designs & sizes as per customer requirements

Packaging : Carton Packing With Thermoplastic
Metal Marking Machines
Marking Felt
Marking Felt
MarkIndia developed a Marking Felt. It plays very important role in marking process. It is made from special material. It cleans the stencil & avoid stencil blocking during electrolytic marking process.
MarkIndia Marking Felt provides requied current & it also hold electrolyte during electrolytic marking process.
MarkIndia Marking Felt is available in A3 & A4 size sheet.
Marking Head
Marking Head
MarkIndia made Marking Stamp is made from special Imported Graphite material.
MarkIndia Stamp is come in various sizes for marking or etching on different diameters. The Stamp creates pressure on all sides and produces sharp marks.
The White cap is made from Special P. P. Material for holding the felt. It is also available in different size as per Marking Stamp design & size.
High quality Cord are provided for necessary current during electrolytic marking process.
Metal Marking Machines
Marking Cord
Marking Cord