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Questions & Answers

Can I mark round parts ?

Yes by rolling on a bench marker or by using contour blocks.

Can I mark plated parts ?

Yes, as long as the parts conduct electricity.

Can I mark anodized parts ?

Not after anodizing. Mark deep before anodizing and the mark will show through after the process.

Can I mark black oxide surfaces ?

Yes, in most cases using low voltage, high pressure and proper electrolytes.

Is the electrolyte harmful ?

No, it may stain clothes but it will wash out. If you swallow it drink a lot of water and see a doctor.

How deep can I go ?

An AC mark is around 0.0003 deep. A DC etch can go as deep as 0.005 or more but generally 0.001 is considered deep.

What is an etch ?

The dark mark is a combination of an etch and a plate.

How long will the stencil last ?

Depending on the kind and use of the configuration and the depth required you can get from one to thousands of impressions.

How clean does the surface of the part have to be ?

Just free of sharp particles which would cut the stencil. Light oil is fine.

How rough a surface can you mark on ?

A reasonably smooth forged or cast surface

Will this method of marking cause corrosion ?

Yes, if not neutralized with the proper neutralizers.

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