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Metal Etching Machines / Metal Marking Machines

Magic Metal Marking Machines is very useful in the Metal Marking. Magic Metal Marking Machines producing sharp black mark on any metal within fraction of time. It is substitute to any laser marking machine. It is mostly used in all the Metal Industries like Aerospace, Tools, Cutter, Slip Gauges and all other metal industries. Magic Metal Marking Machines is an economical and professional solution for direct part marking on any Metal. The unit construction system is easily expandable from hand device to high-tech full automation and is therefore suitable for marking individual components, as well as small, medium and mass produced articles. Magic Metal Marking Machines will mark very easily Marking letters, numbers, graphics, trademarks, scales, codes etc. on flat, convex, concave or round any surfaces - light or dark marking is also possible within seconds. We offer various models with a wide range of accessories like Marking Stencils, Marking Electrolyte for every metal and Marking felt to meet all different requirements. We also manufactuing Customize Low Cost Marking Automations.

Features & Specifications :

  • Suitable for any metal marking application
  • Electro Chemical Etching/ Marking Laser
  • Works on 230 V AC
  • Electronic protection for short circuits
  • Produce Sharp Black Mark within few second
  • Suitable for manual marking
  • Marking Depth Controller (MDC)
  • Apt for overload protection
  • User Friendly

Marking Machines

Electro Chemical Marking Systems ( MarkIndia Wonder )


Wonder Machine's Specifications
MarkIndia Wonder - Automatic Metal Marking Machine MarkIndia Wonder Metal Marking Machine is produces Sharp Black as well as Bright White mark on conductive material. Specially designed for mass production. It can be automated with PLC or Microcontroller. It is most popular Metal Marking Machine in its range.
Feutures :

  • Produces Sharp Black Mark & Bright White Mark.
  • Most Suitable for Mass Production / Automations.
  • Overload Protection.
  • Marking Depth Controller (MDC).
  • Marking Time Controller (MTC).
  • Memorable Counter for Batch Counting.
  • Works on 230 V AC.

Instant Black & White Marking, For Manual, fully Automation & Semi Automation.

Manual Marking Systems ( MarkIndia Magic )

MarkIndia Magic is produces sharp black mark on conductive material. Because of it's low price it is most popular machine. It is generally used for the manual marking process.
Features of the MarkIndia Magic

  • Produces Sharp Black Mark with in few second.
  • Most Suitable for Manual Marking.
  • Overload Protection.
  • Marking Depth Controller (MDC).
  • User Friendly.
  • Works on 230 V AC.
  • Low Cost Version.

Metal Marking Machine ( Nano )

The Nano Metal Marking Machine manufactured bys us is perfect for producing sharp black mark on conductive material. Majorly used for marking process by manual means, the Nano Metal Marking Machine is very user-friendly. Besides, the Nano Metal Marking Machine is priced competitively for clients.
Features :

  • Produces Sharp Black Mark within a few second.
  • Overload Protection
  • User Friendly
  • Works on 230 V AC
  • Low Cost Version
  • Rigid Dual Tone Body Color

Marking Machine ( MarkIndia XPert )

MarkIndia Xpert is most suitable for depth or engraving application.
Features of MarkIndia Xpert

  • Specially used for Depth/Engraving Process.
  • Mostly suitable for die manufacturer.
  • Overload Protection.
  • Marking Depth Controller (MDC).
  • Rigid Body.
  • Manual Version & can be automated.
  • Works on 230 V AC.

Metal Marking Machine ( Spark )

Metal Marking Machines
The Spark Metal Marking Machine is very useful for marking on a variety of hard material. In addition, the Spark Metal Marking Machine is widely acclaimed in the market as it is very economical and easy to handle. Manufactured using latest technology, the Spark Metal Marking Machine is available at competitive rates.
Features :

  • It is Noise less
  • It is Heat less
  • No Vibration during while marking
  • Not required any consumable
  • User Friendly
  • Removable Marking Tips
  • Auto Standby Mode. (Saves Electricity)
  • MDC ( Marking Deptch Controller)

Used For :

  • M.S.
  • Carbide
  • Steel
  • Steel Alloy

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