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CNC Fiber Laser Marking Machines

Fiber laser marking machine available for metal & non metal marking, gives the best performance at least running cost. The unique compact design of the machine makes it suitable for any table top laser marking application. With 10w or 20w laser, machine still giving a peak power for metal marking application. Thus it ensures enough power for different types of markings. The laser gives full Freedom to modulate the power there by making it ideal laser for all general purpose metal and non-metal marking applications.

Specification Sheet :

  • Type : Fiber Laser Marking Machine
  • Window Size : 100X100
  • Wave Length : 1060-1080nm
  • Peak Power : ~10kW
  • Type : MOPA Fiber
  • Max Laser Power : 20W
  • Marking Depth : 0.5mm
  • Minimum Char Size : 0.2mm
  • Power Consumption : 700W
  • Cooling : Air Cooled [No Chiller Required]

Known For :

  • Excellent output
  • Low power consumption
  • Long service life
  • Easy maintenance

Application :

  • Automobiles : Bearings, Pistons, Piston Rings, Gears, Shafts, Valves, Clutch, Brakes, Liners, Cylinders, Spark plugs, Nozzles, Joints etc.
  • Toolings : HSS, Carbide, Steel, Ceramic, cutting Tools, Drill Bits, band Saws, Dies, Gauges, Callipers, Measuring Instruments etc.
  • Medical : Orthopedic implants, artificial limbs, Keens, Joints, and other Surgical Products.
  • Electronics : PCB, IC, Solenoids, capacitors etc.
  • Jewellery : Brand / Hallmarking, silver, platinum, Gold, Bracelets, etc.


Desktop Metal Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Technical Specification

  • Power : 20W
  • Laser Wavelength : 1064nm
  • Device Marking Area : 100mm x 100mm
  • Optional Marking Area: 300mm x 200mm / 300mm x 300mm
  • Laser Marking Depth : 5mm (depending on material and marking time).
  • Laser Marking Speed =7,000 mm/s
  • Minimum Line Width 0.01mm
  • Minimum Character 0.15mm
  • Repeated Precision 0.003mm
  • Life-span of Fiber Laser Marking : 100,000 hours
  • Beam Quality : M2 <1.5
  • Focus Spot Diameter : <0.01mm
  • Output Power of Laser : 10%~100% continuously to be adjusted.
  • Cooling Mode : Built-in fan for Air cooling.
  • Power Input : 220V-50HZ (single phase) or 110V-60HZ (single phase).
  • Laser marking software : Ezcad professional marking software, English version.

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